Monday, January 16, 2012


I've always had grand intentions of sewing Christmas dresses. This past Christmas was no different. I sketched the designs for each girl and 3 days before Christmas I finally buckled down and did it! I'm sort of dumb like that but hey, it got done this year so we won't dwell on my deficiencies. I used the same pattern for the older girls but made them different to compliment their personalities. The younger one got a dress with no sleeves because I was feeling particularly lazy by the time I started her dress. So she wears a cardigan with hers.......

and sticks her tongue out for the pictures.....precious.


  1. Adorable dresses! I love that they each have their own dress style--when my sister and I were little, my mom would often do either coordinating dresses for us, or let us pick our own dress style or fabric so we weren't too matchy-matchy, and as a kid, I appreciated not having to look identical all the time. Cute dresses, and such cute little girls!

  2. What a pretty dress, i would love to try something like this.


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