Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My dress and a creepy face

I've always fancied myself a clothes designer wannabe. In elementary school I would divide sheets of paper into individual little squares and draw an ensemble on each. (There wasn't a lot of listening to teachers in those days.) I carried on in high school "designing" clothes in my sketch books and then I even brought one of those designs to life in my sewing class. (scary but awesome at the time). Now I still have sketch books filled with fashion ideas, but the faces? Well. I may have lost my touch as far as faces go, but the dress is pretty much spot on, so that's good I suppose. Creepy face. Pretty dress.

Do you want to hear a really sad story? I tried my dress on, and the zipper busted. Bummer.


  1. Omg... Im loving your dress... Your sketches face kind of looks like a precious moments doll! Lol

  2. Oh the face. It just wasn't working so I erased like mad and scribbled a smiley! Ha!

  3. That is so sad that your zipper busted. I know just how that feels!

    1. LeighAnn, it was a sad moment indeed. It made me tired.

  4. okay--first, your dress looks awesome. 2nd, that face? HYSTERICAL. i love it. and 3rd--the busted zip? oh baby...sooo BTDT, and yes--it's all kinds of annoying (to put it mildly!)


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