Sunday, May 8, 2011

Clothes pins are good for anything

I have 5 kids. 5 messy kids. They're great but they can destroy
a room in 7 seconds flat! Every evening after dinner we all get up
and clean up the kitchen and dining room. Everyone has a job. It
has worked well for us but the rest of the house gets turned upside
down often. And it doesn't help that I'm a know what I
mean fellow crafters!

One night after the babies were all tucked in, I decided to try
something new. Everything's funner with clothes pins so I typed
up a whole bunch of little jobs and modpodged them on the clothes
pins along with some cute scrapbook paper. The following morning
we had a friendly little competition. The one with the most clothes
pins at the end of 30 minutes got to play the computer first.
(it doesn't take much to excite my children.)

The competition thing is bound to get old so I'm going to change it up.
Here's the theory, each kid will have a mason jar with their name
on it and the rule will be; they have to complete 2 jobs each day.
At the end of the week we do fun....I'm not quite sure
what we'll do, but I'm sure it'll rock (probably).

So what do you do to get your kids to perform hard labor? Do share.


  1. Kirk gets stickers on a "chore chart" and if he gets a sticker for everyday of the week on Saturday he gets 10 cents. Money, money, money!


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