Friday, May 6, 2011

I love baby gifts!!

My daughter's teacher recently had a baby. Nothing gets me more
excited to sew than new babies! When I found this pattern I had to
buy it. I'm really liking pdf patterns. There's no wait and you can save
it to your computer so that if you're prone to losing stuff (ahem)
you can print it out again. Wonderful!!

Of course I couldn't let the scraps go to waste could I? No!

I also have become an adoring fan of Joel Dewberry's wood grain
fabric. I think I need some more but in pink. So, here's to babies!
And making wood grained sneakers for them!!


  1. Those are so stinking cute! I have a similar pattern that I've been meaning to make for a while now--I just need to get to it! I love that fabric, too--so fun. And I've been seeing your ruffle skirt EVERYWHERE lately . . . that's awesome! Congrats!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda


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