Tuesday, November 24, 2009

treasure box

I have a non sew gift idea.... it's a
treasure box, which is a great for
grandmas and grandpas.

Now, stay with me on this one. The box I
made is to showcase my daughter's primitive
person (so endearing). But keep in mind that
you can really put most anything on the lid.

What you'll need for this project:

glue stick
paper mache box with lid
mod podge
sponge brush (for applying mod podge)
picture of some sort (for the lid)
ribbon (length of the perimeter of the lid)
Okay...now for the process...

First, center the lid on the picture you want
and trace around the lid. Cut out.

When I made my
first box a couple of years ago, I used this cute
little picture my oldest daughter colored. The
problem I had was that the colors bled because
she had used markers. This time I applied glue
stick to the top of the picture and let it dry...mostly.
So if you're using kiddy art work (done with
markers) apply glue stick now and let it dry....don't
touch it. It still smears while the glue is wet. If you
ask me how I know I'd probably tell you that I sort
of got impatient....and smudged mine.
Okay, now that you're glue is dry, paint a generous
portion of mod podge on the top of your lid. Carefully
center and stick your cute little picture on the lid.
Now slap some more of that white stinky stuff
around the side of the lid. Apply ribbon around
the outer edge of the lid.
When the ribbon and picture are dry it's time to
seal the deal and slather the mod podge all over
the side and top of your lid. personally I like to
texturize my mod podge. To do so, swirl your brush
in a very messy, unorganized fashion. Or, you can paint it
on smoothly. Smile, you're mostly done!

Let that dry. It'll probably take a little while if you
put the stuff on very thick.
Now, fill it with pictures, candy, or other treasury

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