Saturday, August 20, 2011

Story about a girl

Once upon a time, there was a girl. This girl was, what some may think,
rather odd. She marched to the beat of a crazy drummer, if you will.

Her favorite hobbies included at the time: making furniture for Barbies
out of cardboard (the dresser drawers actually pulled out), building
cardboard dwellings (you know, condos, cottages, dance studios), creating
a huge make-up stash with nothing but crayons, paper, and elmer's glue,
and designing clothes in her sketch book. Of course she always wanted to
be different from everybody else, which was good, because she was.

When this girl was in high school she began to shop at thrift stores to bulk up
her wardrobe....heaven knows you can find some crazy junk there! And
she did! She found all sorts of treasures including her favorite jacket that
she wore until it completely fell apart last year(sad day). She also found some
fabulous drapes that (in HER mind) made a lovely gown for the senior ball.
(I'm not sure that it was lovely but she still had the guts to wear it proudly.)

Well, the girl is grown now and has a few crazy kids of her own. She's put aside
her crayon/paper makeup but still shops at thrift stores searching for things
that can become treasures. Most of the time it's a disappointment but every
once in a while She comes out of there with a gem!
Thrifted curtain panel turned table runner! Come see how I did it (super easy)
over at See Kate Sew where I'll be guest posting today!


  1. I found you on see kate sew today! I love your blog!

  2. Ooooh, I love it! So pretty! (And I'd love to see a picture of the curtain dress someday, too :-)

  3. Sooo very lovely and soft! (and great story, too)


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