Monday, February 1, 2010

re-usable lunch bag

I've gotten to the point that I hate throwing things
away. My two oldest are in school and school lunch
is a ridiculous 2.95 (did I also mention that I'm cheap?).
So I've started making re-usable lunch sacks. I love them!
I basically used a paper lunch sack as a guide, but I wanted
to branch out and try something with handles. I've seen
people use laminated cotton, but honestly, I'd prefer just
using cotton lined with canvas. I have two reasons for this.

1. Cotton and canvas are more affordable (cheap like me!)

2. I can throw the bags in the wash no problem. While the
other can only be wiped down. Yogurt smeared bag bad.
Throwing yogurt smeared bag in washing machine good.

The fun thing about sewing these bags is I can be creative
and functional at the same time. I love functional stuff to
also be pretty. It makes me smile and my husband laugh.

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