Monday, April 30, 2012

Oscar de la Renta wannabe

Week 3 SYTYC "Knock Offs"
I was more than a little surprised to win this for instructions on how to make one for  yourself!

My favorite thing about sewing is being able to implement a design idea and spin it to make it my own. When I first saw this Oscar de la Renta dress my little heart fell madly in love. Then I saw the original price tag and gagged just a little bit (8,690.00).

Oscar de la Renta 
While this dress is very beautiful it really isn't practical for me. See I have little kids, and when we are sitting in church I'm constantly having to pick up toys and crayons off of the floor. I need dresses that won't show the world what I'm made of if I bend over to pick up the Bible themed quiet book! Also, I really love the black on nude but I felt like it might be a tad scandalous to wear to church, So I raised the neck line and used ivory under my black lace. Sure, it's not as glamorous but it's still really pretty and I love wearing it!
Oh, and it cost me 36.47 as opposed to 8 grand! Booya!


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