Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"topped with a bow" dress tutorial

This is my Caity bug. She has almost no dresses due to her untimely growth spurts. (Growing up can be a beast!) Usually I put my tutorials together with my "littlest" baby girl as the model but poor Caitlin has been wearing the same dress to church for a month! I suppose it's her turn. Don't tell her, but I made her new fancy dress out of a sheet from Walmart.........a sheet!

If you like the look but are afraid to create your own pattern, just use a jumper pattern and add the sash and  belt loop (you'll see what I mean further down). 
Really the ginormous bow is what makes the dress....true story.

  I realize that my lining pieces are not the same size....make yours the same size. 
My brain was taking a brief leave of absence here.

 twirl baby twirl!


  1. How adorable is this dress?!?! Great job!

  2. A sheet--smart idea! The color is beautiful, and I love the buttons up the back! And in that first picture, holy moly, she looks EXACTLY like you.


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