Saturday, October 8, 2011

School pictures

 I'm a bit of a portrait snob. So I never opt for the school pictures.
(although ironically this year they were all really cute, but whatever)
I know my kids will probably need therapy for yet another one of my
deficiencies but I'm sure someday they'll get their issues resolved. Our
usual photographer and his family (aka best friend's hubs) moved
away so being the cheapskate that I am I loaded the kidlets into the
bus (suburban) drove to a falling down junky building, and proceeded
to snap all sorts of pictures of my darlings. Most of them turned out
awful but I got a few of each kid that are wall worthy and really that's
all that I need! Right?


  1. Beautiful photos, and gorgeous little kiddos! I'm so jealous of your girls' red hair . . . I hope they love it--I've always wished I had red hair :-) Great job!

  2. I love the photo of their feet. Adorable!


  3. Those turned out great! I especially love the last one of their feet-cute idea!
    Oh, and just so you know, I have to do like 300 of my kids just to get 10 or so good ones. :)

  4. The last one of their feet could be in a photo magazine! They all turned out so cute, the backdrops are incredible. I don't think people know how hard it is to get kids to photograph well, especially if you are the mom because they don't obey you like they do other people. These are all treasures. (Ps - they - the pros, spend tons of time editing their photos - I need to learn more about that some time!)

  5. Cute Amanda! I love how distinct all their hair colors are! I think that is the cutest thing about your kids! Hey if you want some family pics with YOU in them before Christmas, I'm super cheap! Let me know!

  6. Amanda, you've been holding out on me! But to make up for it, I will accept you dropping everything you are doing right now and heading over with your camera to take pictures of those "always covered in blueberry, strawberries, or jelly" faced kids of mine! ( = The pictures look really cute! Of course it is hard to take bad pictures of such cute kids!

  7. These are SO much greater than school photos! You're excellent with a camera! And how adorable are your children... Such lovely shots =) x


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