Thursday, August 19, 2010

happy birthday bunting

I love a good bunting....especially on days that require cake!
My baby had his first birthday yesterday....he needed
a bunting of course.

I started out by pulling out my scrap basket. I can't
stand to throw frabric out so I've had to designate
ample space for my collection. In this project those
puny scraps came in handy. So then I traced the letters
for "happy birthday" from all sorts of fonts. I wanted
a shabby look so I tried not to be anal choosing fabrics.

Then I cheated and used heat and bond and ironed
my little letters onto repurposed curtains (I told you
I have a problem). To attatch them altogether I made
binding out of some of my scraps. I'll use pre-folded
binding next time cause let's face it, making your own
is a pain!

It turned out longer than I had anticipated but I still
really like it. And my 1 year old was thrilled...not really
but I can dream can't I?
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  1. You're amazing. That puts my little store-bought paper one to shame! :)


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