Sewing How to's

When I was in 7th grade I fell head over heels for sewing. I used to steal my mom's machine. It got to the point that she gave up and handed it over to me as my birthday gift. Best birthday ever! I sewed my dance formals, bags, costumes for the plays I was in (I was like the coolest kid ever), and clothes to wear to school (ya, I was that kid). There were a lot of failed projects but I learned from them (kind of....there are still failures just not as many as the old days). After I had my first baby I sewed EVERYTHING! Sewing for babies is a blast and I have had enormous good fun over the years doing that. 

I'm not an expert but I know some stuff and I'm excited to be offering these little "lessons" to those of you who may want to learn how to sew but are timid about trying. Sewing is fun friends! It's also super useful at times. There will be failures but it's okay because that's the best way to learn!

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