Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lesson #3 How to easily insert a zipper

I have to admit, I was terrified of inserting zippers up until a just few years ago. I always opted for buttons and button holes. Zippers are actually super easy and after learning a couple of helpful tricks I'd much rather sew a zipper than a button hole thank you very much! True story.

The technique I'm showing today is, I think, the best and simplest place to start. I use this method to make pouches, skirts, & dresses (unless I'm using an invisible zipper).

Here are a few things you'll need to have/do:

1- You'll want to have a zipper foot. It's not always essential. In a pinch, I've put in a zipper with my regular foot (darn mom brain forgets where I put things sometimes). So it can be done but it's frustrating. Almost all machines will come with a zipper foot. They have a long narrow guide that is centered and can easily butt up against the zipper teeth. This ensures nice even stitching and a snug seam.

2-You'll need to know how to change the position of your needle. Most machines can do this. It's a good idea to get your needle as close to the zipper teeth as possible. Also, if you'll notice, the zipper foot doesn't allow you to have your needle centered. All machines are a little different so it's probably a good idea to have your manual handy.

When I buy zippers these days I pretty much just grab the longest length and then I cut them down to the size I need.

Voila! Zipper in. Easy peasy, right?!
Check back later this week and next week for some easy tutorials using zippers! 

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