Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Belt repurpose Tute

I have the most fantastic pair of jeans. They're oh so comfy,
I love the way they fit me, and they're really cute.
The problem? They fall off. So I have to wear a belt for
obvious reasons.
We have a strict rule against plummer crack!

Unfortunately, my current belts have gotten pretty gross.
Since fabric is the answer to all the problems in my life I
thought I'd apply it to my belt dilemma.



1 trashed belt (buckle removed)
1/4 yard x 45" fabric
Pellon (uber stiff interfacing)

Start by measuring your belt. Cut your fabric with a 3/8"
seam allowance all the way around and an extra 2-1/2"
in the length.

Top stitch around the entire belt, add buckle and holes.
Initially I was going to set eyelets for the belt holes but
my eyelets were too small, so I used my auto-button holer.
Just roll with the punches baby!!

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