Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to re-wig an American Girl doll

Last year for Christmas the little ladies of the house received American Girl dolls. I adore them myself so I was thrilled when they each wanted one.....there may have been some gentle persuasion...but I admit to nothing!

When the dolls arrived, I seriously felt like a kid. They were so pretty, and perfect and....well, smiley! Sadly, the doll I bought for my oldest had curly hair and after just a few months of use her hair was all sorts of nasty. I even tried the fabric softener trick which worked for a little while but went quickly back to "ratty". 


While perusing the net a few months ago, I curiously Googled: "how to re-wig american doll". Winning!

You know what? It's totally possible! And you know what else?? It was pretty darn easy too!

Here's my process. Bear in mind the original wig was trashed so I didn't want to keep it. If you're wanting to be able to switch out wigs the "scalping" of the doll will have to be gently done. Here's where I got our wig.

Pull the rest of the wig cap down over the ring of glue. 
Maneuver it until it looks right. 

You're still seeing the bald doll in your brain aren't you? I don't know if it will ever leave mine.


  1. Where did you buy the wig?

    1. LeighAnn, I got the wig here: http://www.rubyredgalleria.com/.

  2. Oh, thank you! I see it now. This is great. I pinned it.

  3. sweet! my 2 year old is getting her first AG doll this Christmas! i will keep this in mind because she will probably tangle it up!

  4. awesome! This is terrific info to have!

  5. I had to email this to my sister. She's been at a loss for how to repair the hair of our dolls we got 20+ years ago. Thanks for the great post!

  6. What kind of glue did you use, and how is it holding up?

  7. In the "What you need" list, it says non-acetone nail polish, and in the instruction pics it says acetone. I just was wondering if I could get clarification on which one to use? I would hate to make an expensive mistake. Thanks!


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