Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lawn mowing man

Mowing the Lawn with Baby

I was recently amazed at a sight I had never been privy to before. As I made a responsible stop at a four way (none of that California stopping going on), I glanced out my window and noticed a man. The man was mowing his lawn in a very tidy fashion. I suppose he was in charge of babysitting because perched atop his back in a Snugli, was a very chubby baby. I puzzled and gawked (I don't think I've laughed so hard in my life). The baby, had a sunhat too and no doubt that careful dad applied sunscreen as well. He looked so happy sitting in that Snugli back carrier cheeks jiggling with every bounce, that I have to give that man some credit for getting some chores done and keeping Junior happy. I tried really hard to get a picture, but by the time my phone started up, he had driven away. 

I related my funny story to a friend and she laughed along with me and then secretly confided that her husband had done the same thing many times. I belly laughed again. I couldn't help it.

As I've thought of these two crazy men, my own crazy husband, and dad, admiration washes over me. So many men step up and do what they have to do no matter the difficulties e.g. lawn mower baby wearing man. I'm sure Mr. Lawn Mower's wife was out on a very much deserved girl's day out (Junior can be a handful) "but golly, if that lawn didn't need some mowing. No worries, I'll take Jr. along!" As funny and hill billy as it looked I'm so glad I was able to witness that awesome sight. It reiterated to me how wonderful dads really are and I'm so grateful for my own and for my own Mr. Lawn Mower.

 Happy Father's day!


  1. So sweet! My brother has a few pictures of his 'little helper' mowing the lawn with him . . . but in his case, his son is WAY too big for the back carrier (rides in it anyway!), and demands to be in front, on my brother's chest, facing out, so he can 'push' the mower. As soon as he was old enough, he got a mini toy mower for his birthday and now mows along right next to his dad . . . it's the cutest thing. I think the only thing sweeter than watching my husband become a father is watching my brothers become fathers. Those boys who were such terrible teases and pests when I was a kid are such wonderful dads now. I love it :-)

  2. I love babywearing dads!

  3. Hey that man is great! My husband too do the same thing every time I'm busy doing a lot of work. As I was looking at that picture, I can't control my self to smile and imagine my husband with our baby on his back while mowing our lawn. We are planning to hire lawn service Nashville this year. That could be a great for us and for our lawn.


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