Monday, May 28, 2012

"Betty" Matching Blocks

"Kids Can Do" SYTYC
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I have a darling, sweet little girl. You know what? She's pretty darn loud at church. As soon as we get into our worship area, it's like she has this innate desire to destroy with her voice/words the peaceful quiet loveliness that it is. EVERY SINGLE WEEK. I adore this kid, so in order to save her from herself, I made her some Betty's. (she likes girly things) I used 3 super thin wood boards from Joann's and each has two Bettys one on either side.....thumbs up for maximizing space!

I'm sort of obsessed with retro right now, so the Betty's faces are all a little vintage looking. 
{pst I totally used liquid eyeliner to paint their faces on....ha!}

The girly has already had tons of fun with them, but I'm crossing my fingers they serve their purpose this upcoming Sunday!


  1. Congrats on winning this week! These are adorable! I was showing my husband SYTYC and he guessed yours would win. I am a new follower after seeing your blog there last week (I'm a little behind the times)!

  2. Girl you've got to live near me again! I need my crafty friend back to save MY children from themselves


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