Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Missing's a glorious thing!!!

Her bottom left tooth is finally gone. After months of wiggling,
pushing, and prying, it's gone. It literally fell out of her mouth.
(She's a very patient girl when it comes to pulling teeth.) So we
made a tooth pouch. I mulled over the idea of a tooth pillow but
this came into my head instead.

Start with 2 pieces of fabric 4"x 6"
a piece of ribbon about 12" (I ended up cutting mine down)


a felt tooth cut out

Finish the top edges and baste the ribbon in place. Also,
stitch the tooth on by hand using a running stitch. Turn
your top edges toward the inside and stitch across the top.
Then, with the right sides together, sew around the pouch
(leaving the top open of course). Clip the corners and serge
(or zigzag) the raw edges. Now turn right side out.

If you want to, sew a 1/4 inch around the pouch again. You
can also add a tab at the top with a button but it's not really
necessary. It's just for show.

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