Monday, February 22, 2010

husband's jeans turned girly (this one's for you Aubrey)

My husband has a giant stack of hole riddled grubby jeans
that have tormented me for I don't know how long. So on
Friday I rolled up my sleeves and made a bag (surprise surprise).
DH teases that this bag brings the total to 1 million.
I think he's exaggerating.

and since I had nothing better to do I took tons of pictures
so I could produce a tutorial. If you have questions because
of my spastic directions just email me.

So you'll need the following:

a pair of ratty jeans or some cute Amy Butler fabric
(or whatever you want. This is your bag)

canvas (I used some old canvas curtains)

Coordinating fabric for the lining

1 biggish button


Okay now do this:
Cut 2 of these
I pieced the straps because I couldn't get a long enough
piece. Just stitch along the short end and press the seam
Make ruffles by using a loose basting stitch down the
center of each strip and gather by pulling a single thread.
Stitch ruffles and pocket.

Do the same with the lining. Now we're going to square
the corners. Pinch your corners like so:
now pin ém.

Stitch across the line.

Now Stitch!

Fold the loopy thing to make a sort of triangle in the
center. Stitch in place. Also, sew your button onto the
outside of your bag.

Stuff your lining into your bag, baste your straps and
loopy thing in their proper areas. Make sure your straps
are even and your closure will hold the button right.
Now for the exciting part. Stitch around the top of your
cute bag....aaaand your done!

I hung mine on my pantry door so that I could see it.....a lot.

I really like this one.


  1. That is so cute! Can't wait to make one out of Travis' many holey pairs! :)

  2. anushab4u.blogspot.comDecember 13, 2011 at 8:49 AM

    super idea love it

  3. Awesome! Love it-easy enough to this beginner- thank you!!


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