Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas stocking

When I had my first baby, I decided that we needed
stockings that looked alike.

I settled on quilted and appliqued so that each
one would be slightly unique. I feel bad for the older
kids because the stockings just aren't as cute....
but whatever.

What you'll need for this project

*butcher paper (or tissue paper..you know the kind
you stuff in gift bags)
*several colors of quilting fabric (about 1/2 yard total)
*low loft batting
then the obvious
*sewing machine

Okay, to get started, draw or trace a stocking shape. Make
sure to allow for seams. Before cutting strips, cut 3 stocking
shapes for the back and the lining. Be careful to get the fabric
in the right direction. Now cut your fabric into strips the
length of your pattern. I cut my strips random and slightly
crooked to give it that countryish look.

Okay, now sew all the strips together and press. Lay
your pattern on the pieced fabrics and cut out. Like so.
Cut out 2 stocking shapes from your batting. With
right sides together, sew the lining and batting pieces
together. Trim the excess fabric and fluff, but be careful
not to snip through the seam. Don't flip this one inside out.
Now, you can applique a little something on your
sock or you can leave it stripey. If you do an applique
cut out some fabric in the desired shape and press all
edges about a quarter inch under.
Pin like crazy and stitch onto a little square of extra
Okay, now press 1/4 inch under all the way around
that little scrap of fabric and commence pinning like
crazy. Again, stitch.
Now sew the outer stocking pieces together. Clip the rounded
edges and flip inside out. Shove the lining and batting into the
outside shell. Line up seams and raw edge on top.

Now for the loop. I cut a piece about 4"x 2.5". Press in half long
ways. Then press the raw edges toward the center. Stitch the
open end. Fold in half (to make a loop). Baste.
Fold the top edge twice and hem all the way around.
Attach loop and wala!

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  1. Oh my gosh - these are adorable! I would have loved to have had stockings like these when I was a kid.


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