Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Picture frame ornament tutorial

My brain has been buzzing with Christmas stuff and I'll be lucky if I can get 3 tutorials in before the blessed day! Thank heavens for Tator Tots and Jello!! 
Have you noticed that life is insane all through the "ber" months?? I totally have too! But I love it! I love pulling out the scarves and mittens and drinking my body weight in hot chocolate. I actually love all the planning and scheming associated with the holidays as well. I'm weird.

This year, I decided to buy my my kids a tree because I wanted my own. (is that wrong and Grinchy of me?) Ironically, the theme of my tree is my family. I had great plans (not all of them implemented yet) for said tree. I knew I wanted some mercury glass orbs (epic craft fail by the way), pine cones (for that earthy handmade look), and pictures of my favorite people. I know what you're thinking, but unfortunately Hugh Jackman did not make the cut. (sad I know)

I found all of my tiny frames at the dollar store, so like, score! 

Start by removing the little arm thingy on the back of each frame (I know I'm sure eloquent) and slide the back off.
 On the wrong side of the removed frame back shoot a puddle of glue with your hot glue gun. Carefully stick each end of your twine (about 6 inches long) into the hot glue making a loop.
 Usually there's a piece of cardboard in each picture frame. If you have it, slap it on the exposed glue. Center your picture in the frame and tape in place. Then with the cardboard facing the back of the picture, slide the back of the frame in. 
 There you have it. The easiest Christmas ornaments ever! Oh, and I won't judge if you decide to implement a handsome man theme. I totally have a few on my own tree!


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