Thursday, November 1, 2012

handmade Christmas part 1

Every year I get an "I'm so crafty I wanna make every Christmas present" itch. This year is no different. I wish I'd get it in June though. After Halloween the handmade Christmas itch makes me a frantic monster of a person. I'll work on that problem next year. 

First up an Anna White doll bed pattern. My girls got AG dolls last year so a doll bed would be perfect this year right?! Right.
Doll Farmhouse Bed

Okay, this is going to happen this year. I've admired Yoki the Dragon for a couple of years now. Is he not the most adorable thing ever? Yes he is and he is going to make a boy I know very happy. 
Yoki The Fat Dragon Sewing Pattern - PDF

Copy and paste above praise for this adorable rhino stuffie. I love Mariska's patterns. Love. Them. I bought the 3 pattern pack last time and had such a hard time choosing only 3. She's a brilliant artist!
Rhino stuffed animal toy sewing pattern

After you make these cute stuffies make a tent for your kids to stick 'em in!
 I adore this sweet little tent featured over at Sew Mama Sew.

And for the Star Wars lover in your house you can't go wrong with this cute little Chewie softie. When I showed this photo to my 6 year old he freaked out and needed one post haste! This is a super simple project and can be finished in an hour or 2.

I don't know about your kiddos but mine {heart} tents. They frequently trash our family room in pursuit of their tent adventures which makes me think this would be a fantastic gift for any of my 5 hooligans. Super easy and you could totally make it using vintage sheets which is what I will probably do as I happen to adore all things vintage....although chevron would probably rock as well.

Have any of these DIY gifts sparked any handmade Christmas ideas?? I thought so.

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