Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I've been thinking....

I have so many thoughts in my brain that sometimes I get nothing done at all.

I've been thinking about: 

*teaching a 4 part beginner class on how to sew 

*foot # 35 (invisible zipper foot...thanks a lot Kate!)
Invisible Zipper Foot 35

*My laundry room reno (more exciting details to follow...and this pic is not it, but pretty right?)

Who knew laundry rooms could be so gorgeous?

*Miss M's wardrobe (which is taking forever by the way!)

* chocolate ....because when am I NOT thinking about chocolate?!


Making some more clothes with my vintage patterns!

but here I sit, eating my chocolate (yes, I have a problem) Doing none of these things.....just thinking about them....well I suppose I am doing something about this Lindt bar. {happy sigh}

So, what's on YOUR mind?

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