Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hello, friends

Hey y'all! It's been 8 freaking months! I had to (for my sanity) take a breather from blogging. 

In a photo bombing way here's the scoop from the summer months of my life:

We broke down and got a rotten dog. I'm not sure I was in the right frame of mind when I decided it was a wonderful idea. More work. More responsibility. More mess. She's cute though, so that's good.

A crazy group of my friends and myself started a preschool co-op with our little kid-lets. I echo the above "More work. More responsibility. More mess." But they're cute.

Husband and I are tackling the unfinished room in our basement. It's eventually going to be a bigger better laundry room! I'm super duper excited for this room to be done.....then we can sell our house! Ha! But no really. We plan to put our home on the market next spring so that our big ol' family can breath a little better. 

This little house is so cute, and it's been a wonderful starter home, but we're ready for more space for the kids who, for some reason (with one exception), just seem to keep growing!

Only an itty bitty chunk of my time has been spent sewing. A lot has been on my plate recently and most of the time that plate has not allowed for my beloved Bernina. I did have the pleasure of pattern testing for the ever lovely Kate from See Kate Sew. She's a babe. What more can I say?

In addition to our laundry room endeavors, was a minor kitchen refresher. The left hand side is a before shot and you probably can't tell, but it's a ridiculously tall non functioning island. I hated it when we moved in and I hated it until the beautiful day we ripped it out.

I'm kinda short so the counter space was not ideal. Also, the refrigerator and stove are directly across from that hideous tall island so we sold our existing oven range (thank you Craigslist) and bought a prettier gas slide in range. I cannot begin to tell you what a difference it has made to the ebb and flow of my kitchen! Instead of walking back and forth from the normal sized cabinets to chop my veggies (or whatever), I can just do it right next to the stove top and then pop them into whatever pan I'm using. It's a glorious glorious thing.

I got an outside of my house job. I now am a preschool teacher at the most adorable little church nursery school you ever saw. This school has been around for like 50+ years and I'm loving it (mostly). I was, however, super surprised to find how much it has disrupted my groove. I only work 2 days in the week and only 4 hrs each of those days, but good grief my laundry day and every other chore day has suffered for it. I'm sure I'll figure out how to manage everything but so far I haven't had much progress. (le sigh)

Ah my baby. He's so cute and little. While his littleness is so adorable, we found out that it's problematic. Over the summer he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. We also found that he has a lovely brain issue (Chiari Malformation). Thankfully he doesn't really have any symptoms and still acts like a crazy 4 year old. This is an issue that I'm not worrying about right now. We still are testing, and again he's not really being affected by it. Sometimes I'll pull it off of the shelf and have a good cry but then I have to put it back because there's nothing more to be done at this point. He's a trooper though and as feisty as they come!

I upped my running game a little. (actually August ended up being like 73ish miles. So that's cool.) My goal is to run my first marathon in a year. It helps that I have a gang of amazing runners that I with? They're beasts! 

I'm growing out my hair and strangely, it went wavy/curly. I've hit the length that I usually get super frustrated with and end up chopping it all off. We shall see.

And well, I turned 30. I'm happy to be a real adult now and I'm hoping the best for the next decade!

So, what were you all up to the past 8 months??

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  1. happy birthday! thanks for testing for me. I love your kitchen and sad/happy that you'll be moving!! big!

  2. Oh, Amanda, how I miss you! You've been so busy! Love your new cute dog and those cute pics of the kids. Love the changes in the kitchen!


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