Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BB Daily Deals + Giveaway

Do you want to know a love of mine? Deals. Deals, bargains, sales, clearance...I love it all! That's why I'm super excited about this awesome new website, BB Daily Deals

BB Daily Deals is a website off shoot of the darling "Bungalow Boutique" in Heber UT which sells fun home decor, boutique clothing, and (my favorite) handmade treasures by local artisans. This place is a little slice of heaven to me (unfortunately I live on the opposite side of the

This new site, however, will be offering discounts on certain items in her lovely little shop on a daily basis. So happily for those of us who can't physically get there, it will give us access to some pretty sweet discounts! Hooray right?!

Isn't it adorable?! 

Here are some items that will be sold in the next little while
Petite Charm Necklaces

Key Fobs

Flower Headband
Lace Trimmed Frame
To kick off the opening of her new site, Kathleen is giving away an amazing frame set (like the one above) valued at $60. It's so easy, you can't be too lazy to enter this one. 

Here’s how you can enter to win:

1. Head over to BB Daily Deals and enter your email address in the signup box. This will alert you of new awesome deals. ***Remember: You've got to confirm your email address via the link in the confirmation email you'll receive from the site to be entered to win!

Easy peasy right?!  . . . winners will be chosen directly from the BB Daily Deals confirmed email list. (And no worries, your email address will not be passed around or shared with other sites.... promise!)

ps. no need to comment on this post letting me know you entered. I'm just the one heralding this great news to you! 


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