Monday, April 9, 2012

Some stuff.

Here are the things that have been on my mind lately:

1- Triathlons. I may be nuts but a friend of mine has me convinced that I need to do one. I just finished my first training workout and the swimming aspect of the race will probably kill me the most. The old guy in the next lane over (who was ripped by the way) was lapping me hard core. I felt pretty lame.

2-SYTYC. Have you heard of it? It's another bloggy crafty competition and I'm participating in the newest season.  I have all of the weeks planned out, but I'm still having a rough time getting to sleep at night. My brain seems to wake up around that time. Today is the first day of the season....go here to vote! Like now......only if you want to of course....but you should. {shy smile}

3-Craft fairs. I'm finally, after  years of wanting to, preparing for a craft fair. The little town I live in has a festival every June and I've wanted to sell my bags but just never had the time. I'm slowly building up my stash.....husband told me I was a gypsy after I listed off all the things I could fill my booth with. I told him that I'm just an eclectic girl, and he chose to marry me so what does that say about HIM? Don't answer that.

4-College. My baby will technically be old enough to start kindergarten in 2 years...2 YEARS! So naturally I should I should fill that void with something. School. I'll go back to school! I always planned on it but I finally made a decision on what I want to study. Oddly enough it's the same thing I wanted to do right out of high school. Some of you may know this about me but some may not so here goes. I have always loved music, I'm not too shabby either. I plan to get a masters in vocal pedagogy. Then I'll be qualified to teach voice and I'll be qualified to charge a butt load per lesson! (I probably won't use the term "butt load" when I's not very professional)

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