Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to school fashion

I'm not going to lie to you, I love back to school shopping! I love perusing the web for the biggest and best deals of all time, and I love "dressing" my kids. Ya, my kids' mom dresses them! Bahaha!
My older girls are getting to be more independent and wanting to take charge of their own wardrobes, which can be a little terrifying at times. They're getting their own fashion sense and for the most part it's pretty neat to see their personalities coming out in their ensemble choices, but sometimes it can get a little crazy.

Evelyn loves cardigans which I'm totally down with. I {heart} cardigans and I'm itching to pull my own out of hibernation. So this is great we can identify with each other!
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While skinnies are all the rage (I love them myself) my second baby hates them. It's cool though because boot cuts and flares are so flattering on her. That's an important rule to follow and she's learned it early. Kudos Caitee Bug!

Boys Outfits
Spencer doesn't really care as long as he's I pretty much just dress him the way I want to. The easiness of boys is overwhelming.

Boys' long-sleeve jersey polo in stripe

Secretly, I wish my kids were enrolled in a Catholic school.....or any school that required uniforms. My inner prep is alive and well I'm afraid.
Classic Cable Crewneck - Boys 8-20 Sweaters -

Girls' schoolboy blazer in tipped flannel

So what are your favorite kid fashions??

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