Friday, June 3, 2011

Big pocket skirt Tutorial

I've decided that I like skirts. They're perfect for
summer. So breezy and pretty. I need more. Here's one
that I made out of some cotton seersucker. Left overs
from baby boy's pants. Aww, match-y match-y! Cute.
Oh, and in case any of you were wondering, my legs are
so white because I'm wearing white stockings....ya, I only
wish I were wearing white stockings. They're just really that
mayo-ish. sigh-

What you'll need for this project:

1 - 2 yards of cute fabric
1/4 yard coordinating fabric (for the pocket lining)
1 -7" zipper
2 covered buttons

The first thing you need to do is measure your waist where
you want the skirt to sit. I wanted mine up at my natural waist
line. Your skirt panels should be anywhere from one and a half
to two times your waist measurement. Then of course your waist
band should be 4 inches by whatever your waist plus one inch.
My pocket is eleven inches tall, 9-1/2 inches wide and the cut
out bit comes down 4 inches. (gosh, I hope I'm either making
sense or that you're having a nice nap!)

Turn pockets right side out.


  1. Okay, it's official. You're adorable and awesome and I wish we were next door neighbors so we could have crafty playdates. I love the skirt! The little buttons are my favorite part--too cute! And I had to laugh at the first pic because I took a completely identical picture a few days ago. Literally, exactly the same. Same pose, same haircut, same holding-the-skirt-out. You'll see it soon ;-) We're twins!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  2. I love this skirt. You make the zipper seam so easy. I never thought to sew the zipper on before the rest of the skirt. Will have to try it.

  3. I love the top, what a cleaver way to add some style. Nice work, I will definitely be making this one.

  4. Love the stripes....pretty skirt!

  5. Zippers have always been my nemesis! I have a project that I have been putting off because I have been avoiding the zipper installation. After viewing your great tutorial, I am going to finish it! Thanks for sharing. I pinned this into Pinterest so that I am sure to have this visual reference!

  6. VERY CUTE!! I love it! So fresh and summery!

    Have a great week!

  7. Hi,
    I'm a new follower from the Craft link Party. When I saw your skirt I had to hop on over. It's adorable and well made. Ironically I just did a similar skirt for one of my clients in a denim that has the same stripes as your seersucker fabric and I formed a zippered fly in the front. I love that you used yellow to accent your skirt.
    Hope you will stop by and enjoy my blog as much :)

  8. I love this skirt! I had just decided that I need to make a couple of skirts and your tutorial is very good. Printed and will shop for fabric this week. Thank you!

  9. What a great skirt! I'm trying to reteach myself to sew, but I think I've got a ways to go before making something this cute! :)I love the colors you chose & the big roomy pockets!


  10. love this skirt looks great and easy enough to wear while working as well

  11. darling! this is so cute! I found your blog through a link party and i LOVE it! I love making new blog friends! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks!

  12. Great job on the tutorial! I love the pockets!!!

    I'd love if you would link up this project at Sew Woodsy for What's Up Wednesday's link party.

  13. This is such a darling skirt! I want to be brave enough to try it! You make it look very easy but my basic sewing skills may prove differently!

    Great job - I love the color combo of the fabrics!

  14. I love the yellow buttons and zipper. Cute accents!

  15. This is so cute, I love it! Cute color combo too!

  16. wow, you are too cute for words. thanks for the great tutorial!

  17. This is so adorable! LOVE the covered buttons! I definitely want to try this...thanks for the tutorial! Stopping by from Tatertots & Jello...

  18. The fabric is great and I love the little zip with the buttons! I failed on my first zipper project, so thanks for showing how its done.

  19. So funny I stumbled on this; I just finished a blue seersucker skirt 2 days ago with pockets trying to replicate one from J Crew that they didn't make this year. I think your tutorial would have helped! I did the horizontal stripe and by mistake (cutting pieces at 11 pm) a vertical waistband!
    I wish I knew how to blog; don't have one, or I would share a photo.
    I used a metal zipper like the one from jcrew skirt which was a cool touch. And some pink twill tape connecting the inside waist to skirt because of the strip being too short!
    I am definitely going to make more, probably a little longer as the jcrew isn't long enough for work.
    I think that even if you are a beginner sewer, you can make this skirt. It was very simple putting in a zipper, a few trial and errors on another fabric to test but super easy.
    Thank you for your post! I may use it for the steps because I am sure I did it the long way!

  20. Great tutorial. I love wearing skirts these days after having baby #3. I am going to try this one out. Thanks so much for sharing this at Strictly Homemade Tuesday and also I featured this. You are awesome.

  21. Hey! I featured this cutie on my blog tonight! Come grab a button :)

  22. Hey! I featured this cutie on my blog tonight! Come grab a button :)

  23. love this skirt revamp! Thank you for linking up to Sew Woodsy last week. We hope you'll come back today and link up another craft project!


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