Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fabric covered headband tutorial

 I have three lovely little girls and they (bless their hearts) have a tenancy of looking a little mangy. I say that with all the love in my heart  but I promise but it's true. They really hate me to fix their hair because they'd rather do it themselves. So when I saw these metal headbands at Hobby Lobby, I couldn't leave without them. Headbands are perfect for little girls who want to fix themselves up right?! Oh those little ladies were so excited.....well I was excited anyway. 

Want to make some for your little princess too? Well follow the tutorial and rock on.

Do you remember these? Make some to add to your head bands!

Sad but true story: 2 days after making these adorable little things the wild women of this house (excepting me of course) lost all but 2 of them. I know, you're so jealous.

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  1. So cute! Those naughty girls, losing their headbands. If you had just sent them to me in the first place, I would have shown them the respect they deserve :-)

    Question: does adding the fabric make them a lot more comfortable? I've bought metal headbands before and I generally feel like a fetus being extracted with forceps after an hour or so, but I imagine the fabric and felt would cushion it quite a bit. Does it get rid of that 'pinchy' feeling?


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