Monday, June 11, 2012

Betty Matching Blocks Tutorial

This was one of the most fun projects ever! Time consuming, but super fun. When I was a little girl, my friends and I would waste spend tons of time drawing and designing clothes for itty bitty paper dolls. I was a bit nostalgic all while I snipped little dresses for these Bettys! Hopefully these instructions aren't too's midnight where I'm at so I'm not going to promise anything.

To make some Betty matching blocks you'll need:

*Thin wood blocks ( I found mine at Joann's in the model airplane aisle) roughly 6" x 12" x 1/4"
* An assortment of scrap paper and fabric
* A permanent pen or marker for the face. I worried about the face smearing with the application of modpodge so I ended up using liquid eyeliner. No smears.
* A miter saw or a friend with a miter saw.
* Modpodge

Now, because I'm a scatter brain, I didn't take any more photos. But never fear, I can explain the rest in a non dizzying fashion.....I think.

  1. Using bits of paper, add some little details like belts, sashes, and trim. No need for it to be perfect. You don't need a pattern....just experiment and see what works.
  2. After you've glued down your cute dolly and added some details, cut her in half {gasp!}. You'll need to cut her to make her a matching Betty! But she'd look equally as nice in a frame if you can't bring yourself to do it. Use a paper cutter so that you get a nice even clean cut. I cut mine right at the waistline.
  3. Line the paper up with your board and mark straight across where the cut will be. 
  4. Using a miter saw, saw each board at the line previously marked.
  5. Mod podge your little Bettys onto each board. Give each side a good coat of the stuff!
  6. Then spray each side with a clear this:

Mod Podge Clr SEALR Matte 12oz


 **You can create your own doll template or you can go here to snag mine. Right click on the image and then copy and paste into your paint program (very basic I know.) increase the size according to your taste. I super sized mine by 200%. 


  1. How fun! My daughter would love those... New follower from Lines Across. Love for you to follow back when you get a chance ;)

  2. Amanda, I am amazed by your work. I remember when I was a child, I used to have few paper dolls, but I have not been a doll girl, but more of a car's girl, so did not know much what to do with them, but seeing your dolls definitely brought memories. One good idea could be as well to making matching blocks, so little girls can play with it, u know like some sort of puzzles. Great job, I love it.


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