Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring = Sneezing

 Spring is officially here, although we've been feeling it for a month now. Husband even kicked on the AC much to my dismay. (That thing kills our electricity bill...Oi!) I'm always super excited for the flowers to bloom and the birds to sing me awake in the morning. But then about the end of March I start to sneeze. Then, my eyes begin to twitch, and my ears start to itch. It progressively becomes worse to the point that I'm ready to dig my eyes out with a spoon! I remember now. I hate Spring....sort of.

Allergies are new to me. I never had them growing up, and I enjoyed many a spring day rolling around in the grass and sniffing all of the lovely flowers. That would kill me now! It wasn't until about 4 years ago that I began experiencing these inconvenient nasty symptoms. It's always disconcerting to walk outside around this time of year, and find the world coated in a healthy layer of yellow dust! Growing up in Utah, this was foreign to me. Now, I feel like I need a respirator to walk to my car!

Oh the trivial dilemmas that are mine. Come. Wallow with me! What do you do for allergies? So far nothing has worked....mind you I haven't tried very hard. I mostly take the martyrs road. I'm willing to change course this year. Sneeze. Hiccup. Cough.

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